APW7 plus plus Power Supply


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New Bitmain APW7++ Power Supply

  1. The power cord is not included, please find one with at least 10A from your local market.
    2. The APW7 can deliver a maximum power of only 1000W if it is connected to a 110V mains power supply. To obtain the rated power of 1800W, the APW7 must be connected to a 220-240V mains power supply. Please check the mains power supply that is the standard in your region before ordering.
    3. This batch of PSU comes with only 10 PCIe connectors so it cannot be used with more than one Antminer.
    4. All items added to the cart are shipped according to the item with the latest shipping date in the cart. If you would like to receive an item earlier, please place a separate order for it.
    5. Be sure to keep the original packing on hand when you get PSU, the original box should be used to return the PSU when you requesting RMA. Otherwise, it won’t be honored.
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Output DC Voltage 12.0V
Rated Current(220V input) 150A
Rated Power (220V input) 1800W
Rated Current(110V input) 83.3A
Rated Power (110V input) 1000W
Ripple & Noise <1%
Voltage Accuracy 12.0-12.5V
Source Regulation <1%
Load Regulation <1%
Setup, Rise Time <2S
Power off Protection Trip Time >10mS
Input Voltage Range 100-264V AC
Frequency Range 47-63Hz
Power Factor >0.99(full load)
Leakage Current <1.5mAÔľą220V 50HzÔľČ
Protection Low-voltage Input 80-89V AC
Output Short Circuit Yes
Output Overcurrent 150-200A
Overheat Protection Yes
Environment Operating Temperature -20-60‚ĄÉ
Operating Humidity 20%-90%RH(non-¬≠‚Äźcondensing)
Altitude < 2000m
Structure Dimensions 206*110*62mm
Weight 2.0kg
Cooling Mode force-¬≠‚Äźair cooling
Noise 43DB


We are using APW7 to run the X3 Antminer (which its rated Power is 500 W). We see that the power consumption of 490.8 W (on the left picture), so the load percentage is 490.8/1800 = 27.27%

Whereas using APW3++ to run X3 miner has a power consumption of 498.2 W (on the right picture), so the load percentage 498.2/1600=31.14%

We can conclude that APW7 could save around 4% of power used. This would reduce the cost of mining.


Temperature measured at the placement area

Temperature measured on its metal casing:

APW7 has a better heat dissipation, which means APW7 can work in higher temperature environment.


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APW7 Power Supply
APW7 plus plus Power Supply